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FLAVE – Survey Says – Issue 02


Twice a year, Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings hits the streets to survey consumers and operators on the hottest flavor trends to bring you FLAVE: SURVEY SAYS, a special edition of our FLAVE newsletter rich with data and insights. In this issue, you’ll learn about the latest flavor trends with sambal, hatch chile, rhubarb, rum, ancho, and maple. Read the full report: Flave Survey Says – Issue 02 – Jan 2016

FLAVE – Survey Says – Issue 01

Twice a year, Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings hits the streets to survey consumers and operators on the hottest flavor trends to bring you FLAVE: SURVEY SAYS, a special edition of our FLAVE newsletter rich with data and insights. Read the full report: Flave – Survey Says – Issue 01 – July 2015

Salty Snacks A Thing of the Past?

According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), “64 percent of consumers consider themselves more adventurous in their food choices now than just two years ago. This sentiment is even stronger among Millennials, where 77 percent consider themselves more food adventurous.” Furthermore, according to the Hartman Group, “The increasing multiculturalism of the U.S. population plus the globally well-traveled, savvy upper-middle class have created a large population of consumers intentionally seeking complex flavor profiles imported from much more sophisticated food cultures.” The salty snack category has received extra special attention lately due to its ability to adopt these adventurous, complex flavors that [...]

2014 in Review


Happy  New Year! In this edition of FLAVE, we will highlight a few of the major food trends and categories that permeated the food industry in 2014. The word cloud above helps visually demonstrate the major food trends and categories that dominated this year, including breakfast, snacks, and desserts. Additionally, specific flavors have seen spices in popularity, including spicy, umami and alcohol. The large the word in the cloud above, the more mentions the category or flavor received in major publications throughout the year. Read the rest of the year in review: 2014 in Review

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Flavor trends in the sauce category

Similar to the broader food industry, flavor trends dominating the sauce category are inclusive of global and spicy profiles. Although popularity of several global cuisines are increasing in the United States, Asian sauces are gaining consumer and culinary attention right now, and it is predicted that Asia’s growing sphere of influence in the West will continue to permeate the food industry. 1 Curry, ginger, harissa, and gochujang are additional global sauce flavors that are growing in popularity in the U.S. Over the past several years, menus have become increasingly spicier, and sauces play a key role in that. Fifty-four percent [...]

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Sauce category overview

Sauce innovation is a generating influence for both food manufacturers and foodservice operators. Sauces provide consumers the unique opportunity to experiment with new flavors, while offering operators the chance to customize their menus and products. Flexible, customizable menus provide restaurant goers more choices, which encourages more frequent visits from regular customers and new visits from younger customers looking for new options.1 Moreover, repeat purchases and customer loyalty can be driven by innovative flavors. According to Technomic, “three-fourths of consumers say that if they try and like a menu item with an innovative flavor, they would be highly likely to return [...]

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Growing flavors in the sauce category

Flavor plays a significant role in the sauce category. While spicy, sweet and garlic are the three most common sauce flavors used in restaurants, balsamic vinegar is currently the fastest growing sauce flavor. Balsamic vinegar grew 157.5 percent on U.S. menus from Q3 2010 to Q3 2013.1 Additionally, specific pepper varieties have seen dramatic growth on menus. Consumers have become more educated regarding the foods they eat, and they are likely to know the difference between specific types of sauces and flavor profiles, such as jalapeno and chipotle pepper. The fastest growing peppers between 2010 and 2014, on U.S. menus, [...]

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Flavors that Kick Why is Brazilian food so amazing? Some think it’s the mix of native ingredients and cultural influences. Others point to the variety of fruits, vegetables and meats. And some attribute it to the bold and flavorful seasonings. The answer is—all of the above. Now, imagine how these flavor profiles could be translated into exciting seasoning blends for chips or rubs for deli meats. If just thinking about it makes you hunger for more, click here. Cultural Mix Brazil is known for its music, celebrations and incredible food. But what makes Brazil even more special are its people [...]